2021 Honda HR-V; close-up view of new details before sales

The 2021 Honda HR-V, whose European sales will start in a short time, will make the previous generation completely forgotten with its features.

Greeted with its global launch in February, the new generation HR-V is counting down the days as it begins its Europe-based adventure. Turkey sales of the model, which will be put on sale gradually in the last quarter of this year, will start in 2022. Before the start of its sales adventure with a European focus, the Honda front will remind you of the new generation, which it equipped with qualified weapons and remarkable design. to share did not neglect. Along with these photos, we recall the shared features of the 2021 Honda HR-V.


2021 Honda HR-V with highlights

Representing the most up-to-date step of Honda’s ‘Electric Vision Strategy’, which aims to make all models electric or hybrid in 2022, the new compact SUV model draws attention with its minimalist and modern design philosophy inspired by the coupe. Equipped with Honda’s powerful and efficient hybrid powertrain e:HEV with two advanced engines, the new generation HR-V promises high efficiency just like the Jazz.

Under the hood of the new generation HR-V, the 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol engine is powered by two compact and powerful electric motors. The gasoline engine alone will produce 131 PS of power and 253 Nm of torque. Offering an efficient and agile drive, HR-V e:HEV adapts itself to driving conditions with three different driving modes. In order to maximize fuel efficiency, the system switches to electric mode as long as the driving conditions are suitable, and hybrid mode is activated when the need for power arises.

The new HR-V, whose vehicle dimensions are similar to the previous generation, offers a more spacious interior with its widened leg and shoulder room. In addition to the 35mm increase in rear legroom and an additional two-degree back inclination, Honda’s versatile Magic Seats that both fold forward and lift up depending on the handling needs offered in the previous generation are also featured in the new HR-V. The new HR-V, which offers solutions that make life easier; Magic Seats provide ease of use in luggage access thanks to details such as low luggage sill, wide luggage opening, low and flat luggage floor. In the trunk, which draws attention with its width and volume, more ease of use is provided with the Electric Tailgate function that closes when you move away. With the Smart Key function, the trunk lid is closed automatically when it is detected that the key has gone away.

The new Honda HR-V offers connectivity solutions that meet today’s standards. The new 9-inch LCD touchscreen located in the center of the console; It claims to attract attention with its easy-to-use and customizable interface. Thanks to the improved HMI operating speed, the system, whose transition speed has increased, responds more quickly to inputs and commands. In addition, to further reduce driver distraction, the 7-inch TFT e:HEV display can select which advanced driver assistance system information is displayed. Ease of use is offered to the driver with its screen mirroring interface supported by Apple CarPlay (Bluetooth, WiFi or cable) and Android Auto (cable).


Honda Sensing signature will make itself felt in security supports

The new HR-V features the “Honda SENSING” security support package for the first time. Honda SENSING™ detects all vehicles on the road, including cyclists and motorcycles, with Pedestrian Collision Avoidance System and Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), which also works at night thanks to its new wider and higher resolution front camera, which has been improved. The new adaptive cruise control offered in the new HR-V increases driving safety when changing lanes and passing vehicles; It evaluates the steering angle and advanced camera images together to accelerate the car more quickly during the manoeuvre. This equipment, which offers a safe and smooth transition when manoeuvring, also keeps the set speed constant when going downhill with its low-speed tracking and braking function.


With the new HR-V’s blind spot warning system using radar technology, if a vehicle is detected in the blind spot, the driver is warned visually and audibly; The detection distance is increased from 3 meters to 25 meters to increase driving safety. In the Cross Traffic Monitoring System, which has been improved in the new HR-V, the driver is warned visually and audibly about vehicles approaching from the right and left during reversing by using rear side radar sensors. The Hill Descent Control feature, offered for the first time in Europe with the HR-V, only operates at a minimum speed of 3 km/h; Thanks to this feature, the car provides a more controlled and safe ride on weak grip points such as slippery parking ramps or steep snowy roads.

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