2021 Suzuki Jimny; Gradual rise in prices continues

2021 Suzuki Jimny prices, which passed the limit of 400 thousand TL last May, are moving towards a new threshold step by step.

Suzuki Jimny, which has become an icon in the automobile world by transcending the history of the brand with its design character, has managed to increase the attention once more, especially with its last generation currently on sale. Representing its off-road capabilities at another point with its unique dimensions with its standard 4×4 system, Jimny is among Turkey’s record holders in terms of price. The new peak in the 2021 Suzuki Jimny product range, which continues to increase its list gradually, is 437.900 TL. It is noteworthy that the model, which passed the 400 thousand TL threshold with the price hikes reflected in May, approached 450 thousand TL step by step. Let’s also mention that Jimny prices have increased by approximately 30 thousand TL in the last 4 months.


2021 Suzuki Jimny price list

of the brand official sources The list shared by us for the month of October is as follows;

1.5 Allgrip 4AT GLX (Single Color) Automatic Gasoline 102 PS 4×4 433.900 ₺
1.5 Allgrip 4AT GLX (Dual Color) Automatic Gasoline 102 PS 4×4 437.900 ₺

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