2022 Ford Ranger; First official details from the new generation in partnership with Amarok

2022 Ford Ranger, which will be introduced this year, will also contain technical messages from the new generation Amarok.

Within the scope of the partnership with Volkswagen, the Ranger, which will share infrastructure with Amarok in its new generation, is assertive in its new generation as one of the reference models of the market. Finally, the first information about the testing process that has been going on for a while for the deep-rooted name of the pickup market, which will be introduced in its fourth generation, has finally been shared. The new Ranger, which Ford gave the first messages about its design through the video, in which Ford showed us the difficult development stages through its official channels, seems to have a face reminiscent of the F-Series in America. The 2022 Ford Ranger will be unveiled in the last quarter of this year if all goes as planned.

The biggest expectation for the 2022 Ford Ranger is under the engine

Despite the difficult times of the names in the pickup market, many question marks remain up-to-date with the design for the Ranger, which is at the top of the most preferred names in many regions where it is offered for sale. Here, at the beginning of the points we are curious about is the engine. While the Ford front does not give any details on this subject for now, it is a matter of great curiosity whether a European focus will be made in the fourth generation, similar to the all-electric version move made in America.


In the current market, it is possible to say that a hybrid engine combination is also among the expectations in the space of ever narrowing emission standards. At this stage, the clearest message from the new Ranger is that no compromise will be made on performance in off-road and unusual road conditions. The developments regarding the Ranger, which will be a technical reference for the new generation Amarok with its introduction, will be on LOG.com.tr.

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