4K laser projector; Samsung The Premiere LSP7T review

Samsung’s new laser projector, The Premiere LSP7T, makes a difference with its 4K resolution support from ultra short distance. Details about the model that brings the cinema experience to homes are in our review.

We recently launched Samsung’s new 8K QLED television. examination we had the opportunity. After the 8K resolution television that managed to impress us with its experience, this time Samsung’s new laser projector testing ethics. Two different models are offered to users under the category called The Premiere. The first of these models is the LSP7T, and the other is the LSP9T. We had the opportunity to examine the LSP7T model. Appearing as a high-end projector model, the LSP7T can project an image up to 120 inches on the wall from an ultra-short distance. The model, which incorporates triple laser technology, is also the world’s first HDR10+ certified projector, offering realistic and vivid images.

It is useful to briefly mention the laser technology offered in the projector. Compared to lamp projectors, laser projectors both offer better image quality and consume less energy. Laser projectors are also successful in brightness. You can put the projector directly in front of the wall or screen, as it transmits images from a short distance.

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