‘6G technology will bring great progress to artificial intelligence and robotics’


DHA- Stating that download speeds will increase in 5G technologies, Erkul said, “Download speeds can reach up to 10 to 50 Gigabits. Although 4th generation network technologies have significantly reduced latency, delays are expected to be reduced to a minimum with 5G technology. Thanks to this serious decrease, doctors will be able to operate on a patient in another city with the help of robotic technologies or to establish uninterrupted communication even at high speed, even while on the move. Thanks to 5G technologies, significant savings are expected in areas such as energy use and urbanism. “Forecasts predict that there will be approximately 1.9 billion 5G subscriptions worldwide by 2024.”


Evaluating the innovations that 6G technology will bring, Cerebrum Tech Founder and Chairman of the Board Dr. R. Erdem Erkul said, “We think that with the widespread use of 5G technology and the acceleration of 6G studies, a rapid acceleration will be gained in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics. Thanks to 6G, people’s interaction with artificial intelligence will greatly increase and the way to gain new experiences will be opened. We think that a groundbreaking process will take shape in many areas such as the internet of things, autonomous vehicles, and remote surgeries. Artificial intelligence algorithms require very high processing power. Therefore, the use of the cloud becomes a necessity. 6G will quickly bring the processing power of the cloud to edge devices, phones, smart glasses and all other smart objects. Of course, new generation network connection technologies are developing in an average of 10 years. In the future, these periods will also become shorter.”

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