A domestic car is also from Canada; investment of about 5 million dollars

Canada’s domestic automobile project, which is designed on autonomous driving dynamics, may appear physically in the next year.

It is obvious that the electric car market has made many entrepreneurial brands known in a short time thanks to suitable supply combinations and productions. This formula, which does not bounce even in markets with different dynamics such as the Far East, Europe and America, is becoming more appetizing for others every day. Canada is also involved in this process, where Turkey is involved with the TOGG project and a country like Vietnam greets the world with firsts in its history. With the recently announced project, the first electric car that the country will design and produce in-house will be put into practice. Announced as Project Arrow and investing 6.6 million Canadian dollars (5.2 million US dollars), the domestic automobile draws attention with its unmanned driving focus. pulling.


Canadian domestic car project will also support carbon neutral transportation goal

For the project, whose steps were taken by the Federal Economic Development Agency of the province of Ontario, only the concept designs in the digital environment are in front of us at this stage. These images, which represent the last dynamics that the project was approved on paper, will be adapted to real life as a concrete concept in the coming period. It was announced that the management of the fund for the supply of parts technology in the formation process of the vehicle will be carried out by the country’s parts production association APMA.


During the implementation of the tool, APMA management is preparing to carry out a joint development process with the organizations operating in different parts of the world, as well as relevant people with academic expertise. Ontario Technical University will take part in pushing the limits of the academy, especially in autonomous driving and many other points. A joint process with more than 40 suppliers will be carried out for Arrow, in addition to a staff of at least 80 people. If everything goes as planned, we will see the first concrete concept of the vehicle towards the end of 2022. Canada aims to be carbon neutral in transportation by 2050.

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