Activision Blizzard investigation is deadlock and case could be reversed

The Activision Blizzard investigation, which has been going on since July, has turned into a mess after the US Equal Opportunity Commission’s allegations.

The allegations against the 2 attorneys who previously worked for the California Department of Employment and Housing who initiated the Activision Blizzard investigation may call into question the “good faith” of the department’s investigation.

With the agreement signed between the US Equal Opportunity Commission (US Equal Opportunity Commission) and Blizzard in the past weeks, Activision Blizzard discrimination and harassment had agreed to indemnify the employees alleged to be its victims and to update its policies for the company.

Blizzard, damages, etc. had agreed to allocate a capital of $18 million for the transactions. Some documents revealed by the same commission reveal that 2 lawyers, whose paths were parted by the California Department, previously worked under the umbrella of the US Equal Opportunity Commission.

Activision Blizzard investigation confused

The situation that creates confusion here is the claim that the two lawyers mentioned, while working under the roof of the FEK, received the preliminary information that would lead to the start of the Activision-Blizzard investigation, and when they transferred to the KİKD, they used this information as a trump card and filed this lawsuit against Blizzard.

In summary, FEK states that a similar investigation against Blizzard has been carried out by their departments since September 2018 and an agreement was reached between the companies on September 28, 2021. However, he states that 2 lawyers working at the firm during the investigation period, after leaving the firm, switched to KIKD and opened their own investigations (starting this July), which led to a conflict of interest and ethical violation.

The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission (FEK) argues that the decision-making position of these two attorneys in the Activision Blizzard investigation, after moving to the California Department of Employment and Housing, should be considered Conflict of Interest.

FEK states that this situation, in addition to conflict of interest, violates professional ethical rules and even violates the California Code of Professional Conduct. FEK said the following about the mentioned lawyers.

” The two lawyers in question came to represent the KİKD in this case. When KİKD realized this situation, they parted ways with the lawyers, but only hours later started the Activision-Blizzard investigation. Even the indictment raises suspicions that the dismissed lawyers may have had an impact.”

It is stated that all these developments may give Activision-Blizzard the right to file a lawsuit against the California Department of Employment and Housing. The FEK also states that the KIKD team conducting the Activision-Blizzard investigation should not proceed with the investigation because the two lawyers mentioned may have influenced the department.

It looks like the Activision-Blizzard investigation will turn out to be much more complicated than it initially appeared. If there is such a case as an investigation opened with personal ambition, the issue may become more and more complicated in the coming months.

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