Aliens will come to Earth for war, according to time traveler

A time traveler from the year 2714 said that aliens will land on Earth and will soon start a war with humans.

Humanity is always searching for other life forms on other planets, whether there are other planets that can be inhabited. Especially in line with the data obtained from the satellites sent in recent years, the various planets that have emerged continue to strengthen both possibilities. However, adding another dimension to the subject, time Traveler There was a person who claimed to be

Aliens will come to Earth for war, according to time traveler

Creatures from other planets, which we are used to seeing in science fiction movies, are on the agenda of TikTok users this time. aesthetictimewarper Despite the lack of clear scientific evidence to support his claims, the video published by TikTok user named went viral. The time traveler claims that the invasion will come with a meteor shower, as “one of the meteorites” will look different from the others. He describes it as “the landing of a spaceship on Earth, which begins preparations for the Battle of Nozic.”

The time traveler claims that the meteor shower will begin on August 11, 2021 and will continue for two weeks. This isn’t the first time the TikTok account has been claimed to be a time traveller, just a few weeks ago the user also claimed that in 2021, humans will have superpowers. Going viral, these videos show that even baseless claims can gain attention online, without any scientific evidence to back them up.

Who knows, maybe aliens will invade Earth and use us as food.

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