All innovations for iOS 15, last-minute postponed features

iOS 15 The operating system is officially downloading this evening. Before this release, Apple revealed all the innovations on a single page.

iOS 15 and at the same time iPadOS 15 The long wait for operating systems ends tonight. Here, of course, it is mostly wondered what iOS 15 will bring, which is exclusive to iPhones. aware of the excitement applehas brought together all the new features introduced with its version on a special page.

Directly here On the page you can access, you can see all the important innovations brought by iOS 15. Apple makes the following statement here: “iOS 15 offers amazing new features that help you connect, focus, explore and do even more with iPhone.”

However, not every feature of iOS 15 introduced at WWDC will be available immediately. E.g SharePlay feature on the release of iOS 15 did not reach. It is said that this feature will be activated for everyone later. What kind of problem is happening here is still unknown, but Apple wants a little more time.

SharePlay With the feature, video and music can be added to Face Time calls for joint listening / watching. You can also share the home screen with friends. The feature of watching videos together with friends is done with the images of the people and, for example, messaging can be continued while a video is open. In the process, all content works synchronously.

Here SharePlay API It also has third-party support. in the process Twitch with TikTok including support. In this way, a Twitch broadcast can be watched jointly with friends over Face Time.

By the way AirPods Pro or AirPods Max The process of using the Find network for in a deferred state. It will also be available later, not on release. For those unfamiliar with this feature, Apple describes it as:

“Find find network support for AirPods You can find the approximate location of your lost AirPods Pro or AirPods Max using the Find network. In this way, you enter the Bluetooth range and you can find the location of your headphones by playing a sound.”


Which iPhone models support iOS 15?

According to the published list iOS 15 The future iPhone models of the operating system will be exactly:

-iPhone 11 series
-iPhone 12 series
-iPhone Xs series
-iPhone XR
-iPhone X
-iPhone 7 series
-iPhone 8 series
-iPhone 6S series
-iPhone SE models
-iPod Touch 7th generation

As we said before iOS 15 after the operating system exits iOS 14 It will not be left to its fate. The technology giant will continue to provide security updates to this operating system. In other words, in order to be protected from current threats, it will not be necessary to switch to the new operating system as in the past.

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