Android app support could be coming to Windows 11 soon

Android app support for Windows 11 was delayed; however, a subsystem for this feature has been detected in the Microsoft Store.

Recently Windows 11It has been officially announced that will be released on October 5, 2021. The operating system, which will be released without support for Android applications, may receive Android support in the near future. Recently, a list detected in the Windows subsystem for Android support appeared on the Microsoft Store. Although the detected list remains only a list and cannot be tested yet, we may see Android support soon.

Android app support could be coming to Windows 11 soon

The list detected about Android support has been available since June 24, 2021. While the list was recently discovered by various press sites; It is said that support may be coming to Xbox consoles as well. The minimum system requirements for the Windows subsystem for Android are; Released as Windows 10 version 22000.0 or higher and Xbox One. While the Windows 10 included in the list is thought to be a typo, 22000.0 Windows 11It is said to belong to

Microsoft did not in any way mention the future of Android apps to Xbox consoles. While the system requirements also include Xbox One, the overview only lists the Windows subsystem for Android as available on PC. While it is not likely that Android applications will come to Xbox consoles, it is thought that what is written in the system requirements is only a preliminary and incomplete list.

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