Apple announced the expected September 14 event; here are the upcoming products

tech giant apple, expected minutes ago 14 September announced its effectiveness. Many products at this event, including iPhone 13s the future.

From solid sources on the Apple side Mark GurmanAccording to , the first event consisting of four different models in September 14 iPhone 13 family will be introduced.

In addition to the iPhones at the event, the long-awaited wireless earphones AirPods 3 and iPad Pro design iPad mini 6 information to be presented is also given. at the event Apple Watch Series 7 The smart watch model is also among the important products that will definitely take place.

It is reported that there will be a normal iPad with its renewed hardware at the event. It is stated that this model will focus on basic needs and specifically students. No other hardware announcements are expected at the event for now.

It is not yet known exactly when the products to be introduced at the event will be available for sale. The global chip crisis and pandemic is also seriously affecting Apple and its suppliers. E.g Watch Series 7 It’s definitely a low-stock issue. On the iPhone 13s, a huge stock problem is not expected.


Apple will not introduce the next-generation MacBook Pro models at the September 14 event

This may seem a little sad for some people, but as we said before, the models seem to be worth the wait. because Apple M1X with processor 14 inches and 16 inch MacBook Pro models with a screen are built on a brand new infrastructure. These products November information that will be introduced at the event is given.

Like the 12.9-inch iPad Pro as far as we know Mini-LED The design will be updated with new models that will have a screen and ports such as HDMI and SD card slots will be placed in the laptops. In addition, new magnet-based products for charging MagSafe will also be used.

The performance of the models is also new Apple Silicon processor will be particularly high. M1X The new Apple Silicon processor, named Apple Silicon, will have eight different high-performance cores and two low-end / efficiency-oriented cores.

Apple’s new processor is said to be customizable with 16 or 32 GPU cores. With the new processor, models can also be equipped with up to 64 GB of RAM.

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