Apple explains: “How to switch from Android to iPhone?” [Video]

apple, a special infrastructure to facilitate the transition of people from Android phones to iPhones offers. So how does this work?

Apple Turkey Today he published a nice video with Turkish narration. “How to switch from Android to iPhone?The following has been added as an explanation to this video titled ”: “Learn how to easily transfer photos, messages, and more from your Android device to your iPhone using the Move to iOS app.”

Purpose of this video Substantially facilitate the transition of Android phone owners to iPhone.. The video, which you can watch above, explains the process one by one and clearly lays out everything you might encounter in the transfer.


Not only Apple, but also Google is working on Android-iPhone transfer

GoogleIn order to facilitate the transition of users from iOS, that is, from iPhones to Android phones, now offers some possibilities over backup.

However, after the latest APK reviews, “Switch to Android” for Android, prepared by Apple.Move to iOSAn option similar to the ” application was on the agenda.

Directly Apple App StoreThis app, which is planned to be added to ., looks like it will make it incredibly easy for users to transition from an iPhone to an Android phone.

Judging from the first details, it will work from the public WiFi network. Google The signed infrastructure will carry every possible content between devices and will greatly accelerate the massive transition of users. This application is expected to be officially released soon, but no official statement or date has been given yet.

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