Apple iPhone 13 price, models and features

With the special presentation that just started, Apple is announcing the features of these models along with the iPhone 13 models.

iPhone 12 models have finally been announced. If you remember, Apple announced the iPad models and the Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch with a special event it held last month. The company, which normally makes all these announcements at once, has divided this presentation into two due to the special circumstances brought by the Covid-19 outbreak. The focus of the new event, which started a while ago, was of course the iPhone 12 models.

Apple iPhone 13 price, models and features

The Apple presentation started with a music video and we saw performances by different artists in this video. Then Apple TV+ system was mentioned. In this section, where the statistics of the system are shared, Emmy nominations won by series such as Ted Lasso were also mentioned. In addition to the existing series, a short promotional video about new series such as Invasion and Finch was also released.

New iPad model announced

After the introduction of Apple TV +, the new iPad model was announced. After the announcement that iPad sales grew by 40% compared to last year, we saw the new model. It is stated that this new model, which uses the A13 Bionic processor, is 20% faster. It was announced that the new model, which was introduced with the new iPad OS 15 features and applications, has a much better camera. It is also stated that video calls on the 12 MP Ultra Wide front camera will automatically recognize people and position the person in the center accordingly. moreover, this system will appear in social media and normal shootings as well as video applications.

The new iPad model will have a price tag of $ 329, while models with lower storage will be available for $ 299, and the new models will be on sale as of next week.

iPad Mini is back

A new model has been announced for the iPad Mini, which was more popular than normal models for a while. The iPad Mini, which is stated to have been completely redesigned based on the user, will have four different color options. This new model, which has an 8.3-inch screen, has 500 nits brightness. Just like the iPad Air model, the fingerprint feature is assigned to the power button. The GPU performance of this new model, which is stated to have 40% better performance than the old models, will be 80%. Thanks to the Neural Engine, the new model, where applications will run much more fluently, will also have a Type C port, and thus, it will be able to transfer data 10 times faster.

Apple iPhone 13 price, models and features

In this new model, which will support 5G, 3.5 Gigabit downloads will be available. On the camera side, a 12 MP f1.8 camera with Smart HDR support is used on the back, while there will be a 12 MP Ultra wide angle camera on the front. iPad Mini, which also has its own special cases and accessories, also supports the 2nd generation Apple pencil. The new model will start at $499 and will go on sale next week.

Apple Watch Series 7 model announced

After the Apple Watch models, which were announced to work much better in health and sports applications thanks to the new Watch OS, the Apple Watch Series 7 model was announced. This new model, which is much more durable, has 12% more screen case size than the Series 6 model and uses a retina display. With this new model, which has a curved design towards the corners, new applications and designs join the Apple Watch family. In this new model, which also has its own keyboard design, new animated interfaces will also come.

Apple iPhone 13 price, models and features

This model, which is much more resistant to dust and water with IP6X and WR50 certificates, will charge 33% faster than the previous model. The Apple Watch Series 7 model, which has five different color options, will be released this fall and will reduce the price of previous models.


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