Apple made a screen problem statement for the new generation iPad mini

For the first time, Apple made a statement about the screen problem on the agenda for the new generation iPad mini. Apple has stated that there is no problem.

New design and features that are generally very popular. ipad mini, It received positive comments on almost everything. However, the model started to come up with sad news after the first reviews last week.

Initial inspections revealed that the small-sized tablet had a screen problem. Because the right side and left side of the screen in the product work at different speeds, and there was a difference or delay between the right and left sides during scrolling. It was called “Jelly Scrolling” abroad.

It has been reported that this problem, which you can see in the Twitter video below, was even in the sample products Apple put in the stores, and it was not clear whether the problem was software or hardware.

Here is the one who made a statement today on this resounding issue. apple, He stated that there was no problem as reported in the middle and that this situation was normal. Stating that this is a normal situation of LCD screens, especially the shift seen in slow motion videos. apple, also did not announce an update or change in this context.

iPad Mini users who are not satisfied with this situation now have two different options. Either they will get used to the LCD screen of their small tablet, which they have been waiting for a long time, or they will return the model they bought to Apple.


How are the prices in Turkey and abroad for the new iPad mini?

The loudest tablet, abroad from $499 starting. Wi-Fi models of the new iPad mini 5,799 TL and Wi-Fi + Cellular models 7,499 TL It is offered for sale in Turkey at a starting price.

Available in new mini, 64GB and 256GB configurations and full color options in pink, starlight, purple and space gray is coming. Apple Turkey officially launched the sale for the tablet today.

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