Apple managed to reach 2 billion on the iPhone side

According to a study, Apple iPhone managed to reach 2 billion sales figures on the side. Here are the highlights detail;

Apple, which recently offered the iPhone 13 family for sale abroad, according to the analysis made as we said above. 2 billion iPhones have been sold so far. The company has really left behind a big milestone.

The company, which is likely to sell close to 100 million iPhones in 2022, maybe even more, continues to be the pioneer of the phone market in many areas of our lives with iPhone models for a very long time.

Unable to make iPhones as innovative as before, Apple still continues to sell millions in each series. Thanks to the stable structure and side possibilities established, people continue to turn to iPhones in their phone preferences.


iPhone 13 mini will be the last of the high-end iPhones

9,999 TL, which Apple still sells together with the iPhone 12 12 miniWith its 5.4-inch screen, it didn’t appeal to many people in general. Many people loved the phone because it was small, but overall, less than 12 minis were sold. That’s why Apple ended the production of the phone in a short time.

However, last week 13 mini launched and offered for sale. But with solid sources, one in 2022 14 mini won’t come. In 2022, iPhones will again consist of four different models, but the devices From 6.1 inch screen size will begin.

The biggest problems of smartphones with small screens today are battery life. The situation for the iPhone 13 mini is not yet known, but the battery life of the 12 mini did not satisfy most people.

The 12 mini, which could not put more batteries in it due to the lack of space, became a half-day device for most people. That’s why many users who saw battery complaints did not choose 12 mini.

This is Apple’s official promotional video

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