Apple talked about camera improvement over iPhone 13

Technology giant Apple has made some statements about the iPhone 13 and iPhone cameras in general today. found.

smart phone manufacturer apple Companies like these are constantly making long-term plans. In other words, work is being done not only for the phone to be released next year, but also for the future. That’s exactly what Apple made a statement on the iPhone 13 family today.

The name behind Apple’s iPhone cameras Graham Townsend and facing the much more important software side of the process Jon McCormack iPhone camera is fully in the development process announced that they were thinking and designing three years ahead.

Townsend and McCormack, who develop the cameras of the iPhones in conjunction with the processor, that is, knowing exactly the power they will get from the processor, according to their statement, on the cameras of the iPhone 13s. They started working in 2018.

Such long-term studies are of course indispensable in the mobile world. If the companies had progressed annually, it would not have been possible to see very serious differences in the process.

Townsend and McCormack, who stated that they entered a serious struggle while developing the Cinematic Mode of the iPhone 13s, lead an engineering team of hundreds of people between closed doors.

This engineering team only focuses on the camera systems of devices such as the iPhone 13. For example, Apple is currently developing a periscope zoom camera for iPhones. Meanwhile, working in other fields (For example processor, battery, screen etc.) there are hundreds of other staff members.


DxOMark results for iPhone 13 Pro and 13 mini were released today.

As a result of the tests carried out iPhone 13 Pro an average of 137 points, iPhone 13 mini with an average score of 130. With these scores, even 13 Pro phones could not enter the top three.

To recall, the Huawei P50 Pro is still under the leadership of DxOMark with an average score of 144. In second place is the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra with 143 points, and in third place is the Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ with an average score of 139.

13 Pro One of the biggest reasons why the DxOMark average is low is the low zoom level. However, DxOMark also cites other downsides. For example, the 13 Pro has severe lens flare in low light video.

The phone, which is reported to have insufficient dynamic range in high-contrast scenes, loses detail in high-zoom shots and shows some texture loss in the video.

However, the positive reviews of the phone on the camera outweigh the negative reviews, except for many special cases. Good on exposure and color / skin tone iPhone 13 ProNaturally, it contains the best camera system ever put on iPhones.

DxOMark especially emphasizes that the 13 Pro is very good at video, while the 13 mini is reported as the best camera phone in small size.

Apple’s official promotional video

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