Apple Watch Series 7 introduced; Here are all the highlights

Technology giant, new minutes ago Apple Watch Series 7 introduced the smart watch model. Here are all about the watch that draws attention with its updated design. detail;

Apple Watch Series 7, As expected, the long-standing design of the popular smartwatch series Doesn’t bring any significant updates. However, which drastically reduces the frames (40 percent according to Apple) new watch, so it looks more modern. Apps and watch interfaces specific to this growing screen have also been developed and can display more information.

With 41 mm and 45 mm body, which is increased in strength compared to the model it replaces and is launched as the most robust Apple Watch. Watch Series 7It has an IP6X certificate so it is absolutely not affected by dust. Of course, the watch is also waterproof, allowing swimming.

A smart watch that offers 18 hours of battery life and can be charged 33 percent faster than the model it replaces with the new USB-C charger. Apple Watch Series 7It comes in aluminum, stainless steel and titanium bodies.

Watch Series 7 smart watch model, Watch Series 6 It can make detailed measurements such as heart rate, ECG and SpO2. The model, which also has a sleep tracking feature, can of course track activity in any pen and automatically recognize sports.

The watch is now seriously focusing on cyclists. Here, automatic fall and automatic driving start features are offered. These come as part of watchOS 8 and are likely to be rolled out to other models as well.

The new smartwatch also includes a full-size keyboard, which you can see below. In this way, it becomes easier to write in the model and machine learning-based learning systems are offered here. It is said that this keyboard became possible with the growing screen.

“The Apple Watch Series 7 offers significant improvements, from a larger and more advanced display to improved durability and fast charging,” he said. Apple COO Jeff Williams continued:“Powered by watchOS 8, Apple Watch introduces new helpful features to help customers stay connected, track their activity and workouts, and better understand their overall health and wellness.”


Turkey prices of the smart watch are not yet clear

If the international starting price of the model is $399 located at the level. As we said above, the price of Apple Watch Series 7 in Turkey has not been announced for the time being. When the Turkey price is determined, we will transfer it to you. Turkey specific for exit “With you in autumn” it’s called.

No new health features were introduced with the Apple Watch Series 7, but there are important plans for the future

Wall Street JournalAccording to the news of , the Apple Watch model that will come in 2022, with its possible name apple Watch Series 8, very likely blood pressure can measure. In other words, directly from this watch. blood pressure measurement can be made.

This feature is already included in the new Samsung watches and Samsung presents the process with the calibration technique on a real blood pressure monitor. It is thought that Apple will rely on built-in sensors in this regard.

Meanwhile, for body temperature measurement on upcoming Apple Watches thermometer information will also be given. It is claimed that this will serve more to improve fertility planning and sleep tracking.

For future smartwatches blood glucose measurement The technology giant Apple, which is reported to be working very seriously on the subject, wants to make its watches a real health assistant, and this looks good for everyone. With the influence of Apple, other smart watches are also developing very seriously.

In the meantime, it is known that Apple wants to make the future AirPods advanced in terms of health, to measure specific health data directly over the ear / ear. The first step in this regard can be taken with the AirPod Pro 2, which is thought to be in 2022.

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