Application accepted by invitation from Apple: Siri Speech Study

apple, personal assistant service Siricontinues to develop. Apple has introduced a new application for Siri to offer better performance.

Siri Speech Study The app, named after him, collects speech data and feedback, making the assistant work better. Currently, the application, which can be used in Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and Ireland, including the USA, is not yet active in Turkey. In order to use the application, which can be downloaded with the invitation system, users must receive an invitation from Apple. Apple, which has previously been involved in a similar work, plans to further develop Siri with the application it shared and can be used by a limited number of users. With the help of the developed application, we can state that Apple can better understand Siri’s errors and thus provide a better experience to users. The app also does not automatically share any user’s data with Apple.


Apple also attaches importance to privacy in the newly developed application

Registered users can see a list of Siri requests they’ve made, and then send feedback to Apple. Apple underlines that no user information is collected and used in the application, except for the data provided by the users.

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