Aragami 2 review

We take a detailed look at Aragami 2, developed by Lince Works, an independent studio in its own right.

With the release of Aragami’s first game in 2016, the work of Lince Works, a self-contained studio founded by a group of friends, was positively received by the players and Aragami took its place as one of the recommended, affordable co-op games of the past years. had received. After nearly five long years since the release of Aragami, the sequel to the series, Aragami 2We take a detailed look at and review. Also, our review is based on Aragami’s your first game from the story part spoilers Let us warn you in advance that it may contain important information.

Aragami 2 review

curse of the dark

Before I comment on the story side of our game, I would like to briefly talk about the story of the first game. In the production where we play as Aragami, which means a vengeful spirit; A woman named Yamiko calls us through a ritual and includes us in her revenge plan. Armed with Aragami, a vengeful spirit with the ability to control the power of shadows, we fight against the light and quietly hunt down anyone who stands in our way.

As we progressed on the story side, we were discovering our past and seeing the true face of Yamiko who was calling us. Our main character, who remembers that he was manipulated by Yamiko and served the Light kingdom before he died, was chasing Yamiko and defeating him with the anger that he was slaughtering his own people until this time.

In Aragami 2, as one of the last elite warriors of our kinsmen; We recheck Aragami, the victim of a supernatural grief that erodes the body and destroys the mind, and her dominion over the shadows. As we try to save our people, we try to lift the curse on us before it destroys us, and we face a great war itself.

Aragami 2 review

Explore the shadows

Aragami, which is basically a stealth game, followed the privacy elements it contained in the first game very seriously and did not make any concessions to the player. Our main character, who had to hunt his enemies silently and stealthily, would be easily noticed and defeated by the light guards if he did not use the power of the shadows. With Aragami 2, the production, which is much more free and does not bore the player, may cause a small disappointment for players who love pure privacy.

In the past five years, the Lince Works team has identified almost all the shortcomings of the first game very well and revised these negative elements with better mechanics. The producers, who worked very well on the second game, perfectly reflect that you are really a ninja, while the dominance of the shadows manages to make you feel your power to the fullest. The freedom added to the game is reflected not only in the gameplay of the game, but also in the mission design. Along with the new mission system, the game, which includes various contracts and a sign that we receive some missions in Witcher 3, explains the rewards we will win after completing the missions and what we need to do.

Aragami, which has a co-op structure in its essence, keeps this structure quite well in its second game, while allowing us to play co-op with up to three people in total. The game, which promises us hours of fun, becomes much more enjoyable with our friends. While the development of the game’s main story and storytelling did not go unnoticed, I can easily say that I liked and noticed the innovations that came to the gameplay side most, if not all.

Aragami 2 review

In Aragami, what we lacked most as a shadow-controlling assassin spirit was our weakness in melee. While we had no chance in close combat against our enemies until now, things have changed. Difficulty added to the game; but the melee mechanics, which will become easier as you get used to it, added a different flavor to the game. With Aragami 2, players are also given the freedom to explore their own playstyle and play the way they want. Aragami 2, which has completely abandoned some of the suffocating mechanics of the first game, offers us a much freer Aragami experience; He takes care not to bore the player in any way.

Now, instead of being destroyed when we are caught as an assassin, we can resist and even defeat the enemy thanks to the one-on-one combat system. While our energies and proper control of our shadow abilities play a deadly role in these fights; The most important element is to consume the enemy’s energy bar. The one-on-one combat system is quite the opposite of the game’s understanding of complete privacy (don’t worry, the game has managed to preserve its inherent secrecy and has made some additions); but you can think of this system as in Assassin’s Creed games based on old secrecy.

Although the one-on-one combat system sounds good; Unfortunately, it also comes with some flaws. The variety of the ending animation is definitely not enough and it gets overly repetitive after a while. Also, it can be really frustrating when we jump when we’re about to take a sword blow, even though that sword doesn’t touch our character and we take damage even if it passes right under his feet. The one-on-one combat system seems to be designed for times when we are in a very difficult situation in the game or when we have no chance to escape.

Aragami 2 review

wrath of spirits

It is one of the best elements that it does not force you to ‘kill all the enemies’ when you are on a mission in the game. If you want, you can complete the task by hiding completely or collecting the necessary materials without dealing with anyone (hiding and not being caught by anyone) and continue on your way. In addition, we now have our own base with Aragami 2 and we manage everything from this ‘main lobby’ place. We get various contracts from here, we meet our people here.

One of the most important innovations added to the game is character customization. The producer team, which has added more than 10 different armor sets, also allowed the players to customize their characters as they wish. Although character customization, which is a very necessary feature for the co-op side of the game, does not provide any bonus effects, you can get a boost according to your playing style thanks to the rune system. I thought Aragami 2, which is essentially a co-op stealth game, needed a lot of customization. It was one of the most beautiful elements added with the second game.

Aragami 2, which has mostly abandoned its ‘walk in the shadows and teleport somewhere’ structure, makes you feel that you are playing a much more advanced game compared to the old game. The renewed assassination and shadow animations are some of the key elements of this work. Unfortunately, like almost every new game, I think that the production, which still contains some optimization and animation errors, will become much better with the incoming content and bug fix updates.

Aragami 2 review

In addition, Turkish language support has been added to the game with Aragami 2. The producer team will have realized that the Turkish players showed a great interest in the first game; It offered Turkish language support and a special pricing. Promising an average of 15 hours of experience, Aragami 2 definitely deserves its 57 TL price if you are going to play with your friends. Originally designed for a co-op stealth experience, the production does not allow you to pause the game even if you are alone.

Aragami, which has almost abandoned its structure that does not forgive mistakes and punishes the player in general, has now started to offer failure rights in missions. When you die during a mission, the enemies you killed in that section do not respawn and you continue your mission with the remaining enemies. If you die again, you lose this right and you start the mission from the beginning. This move of the producer team, which promises to offer a much longer gameplay experience than the first game, plays a very important role in keeping the player in the game.

Aragami 2, which prefers a longer gameplay, got rid of the mechanics and restrictions that could bore the player and became a much more player-friendly production. The first game, which was highly appreciated and attracted by the players, seems to have gotten the best sequel the Lince Works team could make. I can say that the production, which has already found its own section and visual design style with the first game, is much more advanced and has discovered its potential in general with the diversity it added to the mission structure.

Aragami 2 review

Last word

The Lince Works team really studied their lesson well and removed almost all the negative aspects of the first game and revised it with much better mechanics. When I first opened Aragami 2, I never expected to encounter such a free and advanced gameplay and I was quite surprised. Later in the game, I realized that the team did a much better job in general and offered us a brand new co-op adventure. Aragami 2, in addition to various optimization problems; Although it has animation errors and some shortcomings, it continues to be a production where you can have a really enjoyable time while playing co-op with your friends.

As I mentioned above, the game’s transition to a ‘freer’ gameplay should not worry privacy-loving players. The game continues to protect its privacy structure very well and is essentially a stealth game. Only, the ‘mandatory privacy’ event that it offered to the players was abandoned and this system was supported with new mechanics added. In addition, extra elements that will add flavor to character development and gameplay have been successfully adapted.

As someone who loved to play and finished the first Aragami game, Aragami 2 I really like the change that has come with it. Originally designed to offer a co-op stealth experience, Aragami 2 can get boring after a while if you play it alone; but when you play with your friends with up to three people in total, it becomes a situation where you can have a lot more fun. Turkish language support and with its special pricing for our country, I think it definitely deserves its price, I definitely recommend it to all game lovers who are considering buying it with their friends.

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