Battlefield 2042 gameplay videos leaked

Players who have qualified to participate in the technical test of Battlefield 2042 have started leaking Battlefield 2042 gameplay videos.

The latest game in the famous Battlefield series of Electronic Arts. Battlefield 2042Gameplay videos from the technical testing phase of ‘s continue to leak. Users who were eligible to participate in the technical test of the new generation Battlefield, which is expected to be released on October 23, 2021, started leaking videos of the game on YouTube. The angry Electronic Arts side claimed that some users who leaked Battlefield 2042 gameplay videos blocked their access and may be permanently banned in the future.

Battlefield 2042 gameplay videos leaked

Sharing an eight-minute gameplay video of the game, the YouTube user also states that he plays the game at low detail graphics settings. In the video, where we see about eight minutes of helicopter gameplay, attention is drawn to the game’s aerial battles. In the video, we see that the graphics are low, the sound effects and various animations are not yet on track; However, it should be noted that this is just a technical test and that the game to be released in the final will be much more advanced. The upcoming themed game of the series is one of the most anticipated and biggest games to be released in 2021.

Also, the owner of the YouTube channel that shared the video said, “This is just a hardware test. Many details and functions are disabled, and I’m playing the game on the lowest settings. I’m not worried about this game; because the full version will be really good.” He also made a statement. The user, who will probably not be invited to any closed beta again because he leaked one of the Battlefield 2042 gameplay videos, says that he likes the game in general.

Adam Freeman, head of EA community management, before technical test He shared a post on Twitter and stated that the participating players signed a confidentiality agreement. He violated this confidentiality agreement and reminded and warned that various leaks such as Battlefield 2042 gameplay could have consequences. Users who leak risk losing access to future EA technical tests, Battlefield 2042 betas, or even the entire game.

Battlefield 2042 gameplay videos leaked

The signed confidentiality agreement; Reminding that it includes all kinds of content such as videos and screenshots, Adam also stated that EA has the authority to publish copyright complaints and that any user who violates the contract may face various consequences. This copyright notice, which could lead to the closure of your channel, could have dire consequences for creators who leaked Battlefield 2042 gameplay videos.

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