Battlefield 2042 weapons and vehicles at work. The video has leaked online.

Battlefield 2042 weapons and vehicles have leaked from tech testing. A player in the tech test recorded all the weapons and gadgets and uploaded them to YouTube.

Not a day goes by that a video leaks. Battlefield 2042 weapons and vehicles on the work. As Battlefield fans know, some lucky players managed to take part in the tech test. Technology testing is like a closed beta, so it is forbidden to leak data from it. However, some players who accessed the tech test were brave enough to move the data outside. A user has decided to showcase all Battlefield 2042 weapons and gadgets to gamers.

All Battlefield 2042 weapons and vehicles in one video

You can watch the promotional video of Battlefield 2042 weapons right below. But keep in mind that EA may take this video down very soon. Because most of the developers don’t like their data being leaked online. So there is a possibility that this video will be deleted in just a few hours or even minutes. Therefore, we recommend that you hurry.

Looking at the Battlefield 2042 weapon scale above, we can see that we can reload while aiming. This is most first person shooter gameIt’s a feature we haven’t seen. It may not be very useful, but it’s still good to see the developers trying to bring new features to the game. We can also see the player controlling a drone at the end of the video. There is also a gun that looks like a warning gun in the video.

Battlefield 2042 still has time to come out. Meanwhile, developers can add or remove new content. But as of now, these are all Battlefield 2042 weapons and vehicles.

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