BMW iX; Version details of the model with Turkey pre-orders opened

It’s time to remember the prominent data for the BMW iX, which was opened to order in Turkey through the entry version as of October.

The electric transformation that BMW is in brings with it a radical change in design character. There is no doubt that the names that will be positioned at the top of the family are much more remarkable with this new design language, in which the brand has stepped up in the iconic kidney grille design. While the heated discussions in this process, which divided the enthusiasts into two, continue, we are counting the days to see a person who will represent the dynamics of the great kidney at the summit on the roads of Turkey. The pre-order process has started for the BMW iX, which we have seen on the roads abroad for a while, with the statement from Borusan Otomotiv today. Users in Turkey will be able to purchase the model, whose sales start over the xDrive40, which is positioned at the entry level, by paying 1,632,300 TL. The first deliveries will take place in November.


Highlights from BMW iX versions

Launched as the flagship of the electric car product range, it was announced that only two versions will be available for sale, with the introduction of the iX. Along with the xDrive40, which is available for pre-order in Turkey, the iX xDrive50 version continues to exist as another package that can be preferred abroad. We see that performance is the main distinguishing factor in the models that will come with power values ​​of 326 horsepower and 523 horsepower, respectively. These values ​​are radically separated as 630 Nm and 765 Nm on the basis of torque. It works the same way on the 0-100 side. The acceleration data shared as 6.1 seconds at the entry level is reduced to 4.6 seconds in the iX xDrive50.


When we look at the performance of the capacity difference on the battery side, we see that the iX xDrive40 can offer a range of 425 kilometers. This value can be flexible up to 630 kilometers in the iX xDrive50. The filling of the batteries is at reasonable levels with fast charging support. In models with fast charging support up to 200 kW, the charge level can be increased from 10 percent to 80 percent in 35 minutes. It is also possible to achieve a range of up to 150 kilometers with a 10-minute charge. Along with these figures, the BMW front also announced the first values ​​of the M version, which will be added to the product range in the coming period. It is known that the version, which will be called the iX M60, will have 600 horsepower. iX is among the first names to feature the brand’s new cockpit dynamics. The 12.3- and 14.9-inch combined BMW curved screen system, presented for the first time in series production vehicles, is among the decisive equipment in the front. Technological supports such as driverless parking and charging also herald the rich security elements that come as standard in the vehicle.



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