Built-in search engine figure paid to Google and Apple in 2020

internet giant Googlecontinues to pay big numbers to technology giant Apple every year. In this regard, 2020 and possible 2021 figures have emerged. case.

Controlling the visible face of the internet GoogleYou know, for many years, Apple has been paying billions of dollars to be the built-in search engine in Safari for devices.

Every year from Google to Apple before 8 to 12 billion dollars information was given that a number between them was going. Now, new figures have emerged in this regard.

According to reliable sources Google, fully committed to remain the built-in search engine for Apple in 2020 10 billion dollars paid. In all of this 2021 15 billion dollars, if in 2022 18 to 20 billion dollars is reported to be reached.


“Google pays Apple for nothing”

There are really a lot of people saying this. ‘Cause right now almost nobody Google does not use an external service. But the owner of the Android ecosystem Google Despite this, he continues to pay a fortune to Apple.

It is claimed that if the internet giant Apple does not make this payment, Microsoft Bing will replace it. Google is opening up the budget on paying for the step of blocking it.

It is also among the known details that the largest amount that Google regularly made to another company at one time went to Apple. It is calculated that this money Apple receives from Google accounts for 14 or 21 percent of its annual profit.

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