Bungie declares war on cheaters

Bungie has declared war on cheaters. The producer of Destiny 2 has prepared an indictment against 3 different cheating software companies.

Bungie has declared war on cheaters who are preparing to sue against the massive use/sale of cheats in Destiny 2. The firm filed formal lawsuits against 3 cheat software firms, VeteranCheats, Lavichheats, and Elite Boss Tech, last week. “Copyright infringement” was cited as the reason for the lawsuit.

Bungie does not give rest to cheaters

Saying that it is enough to use the excessive cheating in Destiny 2, Bungie rushed on the cheaters starting from the cheat sales site called PerfectAim. So much so that Bungie and Riot are selling cheats for Destiny 2 and Valorant. GatorcheatsThey filed a joint lawsuit against This time, with 3 different indictments prepared on August 18, Bungie filed separate lawsuits against 3 different cheaters.

The first lawsuit was filed against Elite Boss Tech, the owner of one of the popular cheating sites. These developers are accused of selling standard tricks such as auto-aiming and seeing opposing team players through objects such as walls/doors.

The second indictment was filed against the owner of Lavichheats. It is stated that the software developer named Kunsal “Lavi” Bansal sells cheat software and similar “services” for many games.

The latest lawsuit was filed against VeteranCheat, a site that manufactures and sells cheats such as unlimited ammo or health, auto-aim.

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