Companies go digital with Turkcell’s innovative solution Ultia


With the cloud-based platform Ultia developed by Turkcell, it can easily manage all business processes from a single place.

Thanks to Ultia, a cloud-based business process management platform developed to increase time and operational efficiency, companies can quickly and easily access solutions for many corporate applications that they need.

Developed with the assurance of Turkcell, Ultia provides institutions with the convenience of efficiently managing all their business processes from a single point, without the need to write code and without the need for extra applications and platforms.

Medium and large-sized companies can quickly develop their own enterprise applications with the help of ready-made modules with Ultia. Thanks to Ultia’s cloud-based infrastructure, significant savings are achieved by eliminating server and similar operational computing costs for digitalized businesses.

Serkan Öztürk, Turkcell Deputy General Manager for Information and Communication Technologies, whose views are included in the statement, stated that they put businesses and institutions ahead of the competition with innovative solutions, and said:


“We have developed our Ultia platform, which provides great efficiency by digitizing business processes for our institutions in Turkey, but is also more cost-effective and data is kept in Turkey. Thanks to this platform, it allows all employees in institutions to develop corporate applications, so that businesses can manage their business processes more efficiently and easily. “We offer effective solutions. In this context, 13 large companies and institutions from Turkey’s reputable institutions are currently using our Ultia platform. We aim to increase the number of corporate customers nearly three times by the end of this year, and we aim to maintain our leadership in technology by exporting Ultia to abroad in the coming period.”

According to the information given, Ultia, which facilitates information technology management, which is one of the basic activities of businesses, with the increasing need for digitalization during the Kovid-19 epidemic, helps desk, customer complaints, asset management, recruitment, personnel affairs, CV management, leave, expense, travel within the platform. All requests in the field of purchasing management and administrative affairs can be managed end-to-end.

In addition, Ultia, which offers surveys, announcements, frequently asked questions, self-service portal, Service Level Agreement and many other opportunities within the application, can be managed through both web and mobile applications.

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