Continental is preparing to use plastic bottles in tire production

tire giant ContinentalAs of 2022, it will use recycled PET bottles as raw material in tire production.

From 2022, Continental allows the use of reprocessed polyester from recycled plastic bottles in tire production. This new sustainable polyester yarn, which will be obtained from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles by a mechanical process, will be used in the construction of the tire carcass. This material can completely replace conventional polyester in the future.

Premium tire manufacturer Continental, together with its fiber specialist and textile manufacturer business partner and supplier OTIZ, has developed a special technology that recycles PET bottles without the necessary pre-chemical steps and makes the polyester yarn meet the high mechanical needs of the tire. In this process, called upcycling, PET bottles are converted into high-performance PET material.


Tire production of the future from the Continental front

In the recycling process, the bottles are separated first, the caps are removed, and finally, mechanical cleaning is done. After mechanical crushing, the materials are melt granulated, followed by solid state polymerization and a different spinning process.

Continental’s laboratory and tire tests show that the performance of the secondary raw material fibers is as good as the fibers used so far. The breaking strength, stiffness and thermal stability of these fibers, which have the same quality and stability as pure PET, are extremely suitable for tires.

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