Could electric cars be a problem instead of a solution in the future?

that countries have gradually expanded in line with their emission targets. electric cars Does it create a new problem instead of a solution?

Flood disasters in the Northern Hemisphere, where we live in summer, drought and forest fires due to seasonal temperatures far above normal, are seen as environmental disasters triggered by Global Warming.

States and supra-state institutions, which take steps to reduce the carbon emission values ​​that trigger Global Warming, are introducing new restrictions to reduce emission values ​​in many areas from transportation to energy production. While it is possible to switch to renewable sources in energy production to a large extent, alternatives to reduce emissions in transportation are insufficient. Undoubtedly, one of these alternatives is electric cars.


On the subject, Kadir Örücü said, “The lithium batteries we use in our mobile phones and laptops are also used in electric vehicles. While recycling is possible in other battery technologies, recycling takes place around 5 percent in lithium-ion batteries.

Paul Anderson, the leader of the team working on battery technologies for electric vehicles at the University of Birmingham, recently told the British media outlet BBC that lithium batteries are highly toxic and therefore recycling takes place at great costs.

Electric cars can pose a threat with their battery

Used lithium batteries of our electronic devices, which are relatively small and have a very high recycling cost, are sent to African countries as garbage. Lithium batteries used by electric vehicles are much heavier.

The average electric vehicle 70 kilos of lithium and that these batteries 2-3 years of life You can realize the danger that electric vehicles pose for nature.” he said.

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