Date announced for electric Opel Astra-e; Here are the expectations on the table

The electric Opel Astra-e, which will be one of the cornerstones for brand transformation, will follow the standard versions and will be available in the short term.

The eighth generation brings with it many important developments on the Astra front, which will come to the fore with its transition to sales adventure after the event held in Germany today. One of the biggest steps in the 30-year adventure for the new Astra, which jumps the class with its infrastructure dynamics as well as its design, will be the all-electric version. In the family, whose development on the PSA group infrastructure was completed with this modern move, the future of the version called Astra-e, which opens the doors of emission-free driving, is today. became official. The electric Opel Astra-e, which we see will be put on the market in 2023, will be an important step towards the management’s strategy of “electric car brand”, which will transform as of 2028.


Electric Opel Astra-e may be further than today’s limits

The Astra-e name preferred for the electric version does not contain any surprises, as it parallels the Corsa-e and Mokka-e we see in other members of the family. The fact that no technical data has been shared about this version at this stage has brought to our minds the possibility that there may be better figures than the ones currently presented in the next 2 years.


In this context, when we look at the Mokka-e, we see that the vehicle has 136 PS power and 260 Nm torque in dynamics with a single electric motor. The 50 kWh battery pack offered in the electric Mokka allows a range of up to 322 kilometers in WLTP standards. Thanks to the infrastructure that also offers fast charging support, users can reach 80 percent fullness in 30 minutes. The Astra-e, which will be presented to the end user with its technical features including price, will be a competitor to Volkswagen ID.3 in the C segment, since there is no electric version of the Golf.



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