Deathloop debut video released

New explanations were made with the release trailer for Deathloop, which started to fill the eyes with the high scores it received.

Deathloop developed by Arkane studio PC as of today and released for Playstation platforms. We can say that the game has managed to attract attention with the points it has received. we are also working on the review of the game with the release video and we can say that it will be released as soon as possible. You can take a look at the Deathloop debut video released with Sencit’s new song “Pitch Black” with Lady Blackbird and the company’s statements below.

Deathloop debut video released

DEATHLOOP, the new first-person shooter from Arkane Lyon, the producer studio of the award-winning Dishonored series, is now playable on consoles only on PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PC. DEATHLOOP takes advantage of PS5’s stunning visuals and fast loading features with its ultra-high-speed SSD, while its DualSense controller brings the sounds and feel of Blackreef at your fingertips.

“As the entire DEATHLOOP team at Arkane Lyon and Bethesda, we hope you have a great time playing the game and celebrate with us the release of our beloved game,” said Dinga Bakaba, Game Director of DEATHLOOP. “DEATHLOOP is a brand new and unique project from Arkane Lyon. And we’re committed to creating an unforgettable experience unlike anything we’ve done before.”

In DEATHLOOP’s compelling murder puzzle, players play as Colt, who is trapped and amnesiac on the island of Blackreef, stuck in the time loop. By collecting clues, players will search for a way to devise the perfect assassination plan to kill eight “Visionary” in one day. Additionally, players can try to preserve the time loop by playing with Colt’s archenemy, the assassin Julianna, in the multiplayer mode.

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