Developing a coronavirus detection system from coughing sound in Turkey

coronavirus The epidemic is still among us and it doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon. New systems are also being developed to combat this disease.

coronavirus In addition to being vaccinated, the detection part is also of great importance to prevent the epidemic. It is really important to control the epidemic that the systems that will detect whether people are infected with the virus become faster.

In this regard, there is a special The system in the form of a smart watch is also being developed. The news on T24 According to Fırat University (FÜ) Computer and Instructional Technologies Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Under the leadership of Zülfü Genç, for the first time in Turkey, software for the diagnosis of many diseases, especially the coronavirus, with artificial intelligence-based voice and cough, was developed.

Stating that they determined whether the person has corona virus according to 3 thousand data and voice and cough recordings, Assoc. Dr. Zulfu Young, the success rate is currently yHe says it’s between 60 and 80 percent.

Stating that with the project, patients with certain symptoms aim to create a decision support system that doctors can use by processing the signals received from wearable sensors with artificial intelligence supported software. Assoc. Dr. Zulfu Youngwith common symptoms of fever and cough coronavirus He stated that they have successfully implemented the remote live monitoring system of the patient within the scope of the project after early diagnosis and definitive diagnosis by processing the data of the infection with this software.


Widespread use for cough and coronavirus testing system is still far away

Assoc. Dr. Youth, “In the first place, we are planning to strengthen our software system by producing nearly a thousand watches and giving them to our patients.

Thanks to the project we have developed, we ensure that comfort is reached with a domestic and national solution in health, thanks to a secure data communication and effective follow-up between the healthcare worker and the patient. made the statement.

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