Electric and hybrid cars surpass diesel for the first time in history

While August passed with a decrease compared to the previous year in the European market, electric and rechargeable hybrid car models broke new ground.

In the automobile market, where the chip crisis continues to shake, the messages from manufacturers that there may be delays and delays in order indicate that the coming days will be even more complicated. While the sales in the European market continue to decline in parallel with this compared to the previous year, the August figures from the sources indicate that the picture will continue in this way. Jato Dynamics According to the latest data shared by 26 countries and based on 26 countries, there is a decrease of 18 percent in the market compared to the previous year. The picture becomes even more pessimistic when we rewind the calendars a little further. Compared to August 2019, we see that sales have decreased by 33 percent. Promising parts on the list are on the engine types side. Sales data from electric and plug-in hybrid models show that for the first time in Europe, diesel has been left behind.

Volkswagen continues to rise in the electric car market

We see that the electric and rechargeable hybrid models, which made a huge leap of 61 percent compared to the previous year, sold 10,100 more units than diesel-powered vehicles. Rechargeable cars, which have a 21 percent share in these figures, are recorded as another record rate in the European market. We are living in a period in which the electric power, which first showed its weight in Northern Europe, increased its mass towards the middle of the year with the influence of Germany. One of the important factors here is the increase in the variety of qualified models in the market.


The fact that Chinese manufacturers such as NIO are gradually bringing their ambitious vehicles to the European market also increases the competition. MG, which has been on the rise within the Chinese SAIC, has achieved great success with its hybrid and electric models and shifts its focus to this point. The best-selling electric car of August is Volkswagen ID.3 as in July. The list continues as Tesla Model 3 and VW ID.4, Renault ZOE and Ford Mustang Mach E. It should be underlined that Volkswagen has achieved great success in a short time with its ID models.

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