Enes Batur called to the police

Enes Batur testified at the police station as part of an investigation into social media phenomena that allegedly made unauthorized sweepstakes online.

Enes Batur was summoned to the police station within the scope of the investigation of the Istanbul Financial Crimes Branch Directorate and gave a statement. Enes Batur, in the operation, which also includes social media phenomena, including names such as Damla Nur Altun and Başak Karahan, National Lottery AdministrationIt is alleged that he made a gift lottery without permission. The investigation was opened by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office last year.

Enes Batur testified at the police station

As a result of their investigations, the teams of the Istanbul Financial Crimes Branch Directorate identified 16 suspects who made the draw, especially at the New Year’s. Damla Nur Altun and Başak Karahan claimed that they had permission to draw while leaving the police station.

Enes Batur, who currently has 15 million followers on Youtube, also testified as part of the investigation. Batur, while leaving the police after giving his statement at the Anti-Finance Crime Branch, answered the question of whether he had received permission for the drawing, “I probably wouldn’t have done the drawing if I didn’t have permission.”

Regarding the sweepstakes without cash prizes, it is stated in the regulation on the official website of Milli Piyango that it is obligatory to obtain permission from the National Lottery administration for the lotteries and sweepstakes without cash.

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