“EU compliant Health Passport” feature has been introduced for Hayat Eve Sığar

new coronavirus Covid-19 for Ministry of Health prepared by Life Fits Home Another new feature is in use for the app.

long ago new coronavirus Covid-19 for Ministry of Health published by Life Fits Home application, still active Covid-19 It is among the best solutions to get information about the epidemic.

There is no one who does not know, but to remember briefly, the application “It has been developed by the Ministry of Health in order to inform and guide our citizens about the New Coronavirus (Covid-19) and to minimize the risks related to the epidemic disease and prevent its spread.It is introduced as “.

General Covid 19 intensity map The application that offers a QR-based HEPP code has been updated today. The innovations that came with the update were:

“-EU compliant Health Passport button has been added to the Dashboard.

– A menu item named EU compliant Health Passport has been added to the left menu.

– Vaccination card is displayed as webview instead of the QR code page that opens when the button named “View” on the Vaccine cards on the My Vaccine Cards page is pressed. In order to download the vaccination card, it can be downloaded by using the button in the upper right corner of the same page.

The most notable additions here EU compliant health passport button was. This opportunity allows sharing vaccine, immunity and other health information with country authorities and airline companies during domestic and international travels.

According to the news on Sputnik Developed by the Ministry of Health, when people click on the EU Compliant Health Passport button on the main screen. HealthPass redirected to the application.

This app is for phones download separately needs. HealthPass After it is installed on the phone, a Digital Health Certificate can be created by following the relevant instructions.


Hayat Eve Sığar application assumes a vital body

The application is completely free to use. iOS and Android You can find the versions on the links. It should be noted that the application is also actively involved in Huawei’s new AppGallery and HMS infrastructure.

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