Executive Transfer from Walt Disney in Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard, which went into a bloodbath after the internal harassment allegations that came to the fore in July, transferred an HR manager from Walt Disney.

Activision Blizzard, who went through a bloodbath as a result of the developments in recent months, replaced the head of the HR department, who left the company due to accusations that he concealed sexual harassment within Blizzard, and the head of HR of Walt Disney. Julie Hodges filled with After important names such as CEO J. Allen Brack left the company, Blizzard is in an effort to replace those who leave with managers who will “create a healthy work environment”.

Transfusion at Activision Blizzard

Acti-Blizz CEO Bobby Kotick said in a text that Hodges had joined the company, he couldn’t think of a better option to create a “more inclusive” work environment. Kotick stated that they rely on the experience of Julia Hodges on the path of change that Blizzard embarked on with the goal of “becoming the most equitable, coveted and fair company in the world”.

Working under the umbrella of Walt Disney for 32 years, Hodges said in his statement on the subject:

“A safe working environment where everyone working under the roof of the company feels valued is critical for everyone working in the company to develop themselves and reveal their creativity,” he said.

It is not known how long the blood change in Blizzard will last, but it can be said that they are making an effort to change something. Following the developments since July, names such as Jesse Mccree, who took on the role of Lead Level Designer in World Of Warcraft and Diablo, left the company. References to McCree in World Of Warcraft and Overwatch have been removed/changed as of now.

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