Exekiller, a mix of cyberpunk and the wild west, appeared

Exekiller, the new first-person action game set in a universe similar to both cyberpunk and the wild west, has emerged with a stylish video.

As players, we have come across the genre we call cyberpunk quite often lately, and a new game is being added to them. It is both about the past and contains highly technological elements. executablesis a production that is a mixture of cyberpunk and the wild west. The game, which has a very interesting style, is being developed by a small studio called Paradark Studio.

Exekiller, a mix of cyberpunk and the wild west, appeared

Exekiller, a first-person action adventure game set in 1998’s New York, is about the post-apocalyptic. In the production, which is about 20 years after the Great Fire Disaster that killed more than 70% of the world’s population, most cities, including New York, have surrendered to the deserts. In this game where the governments of the world have fallen and the New World is ruled by very powerful companies, a bounty hunter who goes after the bandits to collect the chips named SOULS that control everyone and know everything about everyone, namely; We play as an Exekiller.

This production, which is being developed by Paradark Studio, a small game studio consisting of two people from Poland, will be the first game of the team. In addition, the producer team states that the choices you make in the game will directly affect the game, while promising that some RPG elements such as customizable skills will be found in the game. The production, which does not have an official release date yet, will only be released for Steam when it is ready. The game’s Steam page You can reach it here or you can take a look at the approximately one-minute video that has been shared below.

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