Exemplary electric car incentive plan from the Russian government

The Russian government, which wants to increase the presence of electric car models on the streets, is implementing important incentives in this context.

Russia, which has very low sales of electric cars in today’s market, similar to Turkey, wants this number to be increased with short-term plans. Details about the incentive package, which the government announced with its preliminary stages last month, started to emerge gradually. The government, which aims to sell at least 25 thousand electric cars every year starting from 2024, will give the privilege of making a choice to the users who will choose in this context, to cross all toll roads within the country without paying any price.

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Incentives for electric car manufacturers are also on the way

Increasing the share of electric vehicles, whose shares are currently below 1 percent, is supported in parallel with the transformation that the whole world is going through. If everything goes as planned, vehicles in these segments are expected to have a share of more than 10 percent in the Russian total market by 2030. When we look at the sources based in Russia, we can see that very serious steps will be taken to support the electricity transformation in the country. Among the steps to be taken within the framework of an investment of more than 10 billion dollars, there are parts that will directly affect the preferences of the buyers, such as strengthening the charging infrastructures and increasing the stations. The main goal here is to have 72 thousand charging points completed by 2030.


Hydrogen fuel technology, which is life-saving for heavy commercial vehicles, is not overlooked within the scope of the plan. The government is working to commission at least a thousand hydrogen fuel stations in the next 9 years. The Russian government is ready to give significant incentives to manufacturers who will invest in electric cars in the country. The transformation of public transportation vehicles in city centers to electric will continue in the coming period. Turkey, which is currently in an important electricity-oriented process through TOGG, plans to increase the effect, such as not being charged for such toll roads, in addition to the sales process of vehicles.


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