Firefox lost 46 million users in 3 years

It is claimed that Firefox, one of the most important internet browsers of a period, lost 46 million users in 3 years.

Firefox, one of the most important internet browsers of the 2000s, is looking for its old days with a candle. Reddit user u/nixcraftviewing posts by itsfoss Image of the website named Firefox among the posts Public Data Report stats are said to be found.

According to the report, the popular web browser of a period lost 46 million users to other browsers in just 3 years. While the number of active users of the browser was around 244 million at the end of 2018, this number dropped to 198 million in the second quarter of 2021.

Why did Firefox experience this user loss?

Firefox, which Mozilla offered to computer users in 2002, promised a user-friendly experience compared to the internet browsers of that period – focused on security and privacy. In 2008, 30% of worldwide internet usage was on Firefox, while Internet Explorer was still at the top with 60%.

However, over time, despite the complaints of users, Firefox did not bring any updates on browser performance and allegedly turned many users off the browser. interface change After that, it is stated that one of the most important internet browsers of a period, Chrome and Opera, lagged far behind.

It is also stated that the loss of popularity of Firefox has a serious effect on the fact that Chrome has become the default browser on almost all Android devices worldwide and that Microsoft has placed Microsoft Edge as the default browser of Windows.

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