First Geekbench result for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus with Exynos 2200

The first Geekbench result for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus with the Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU has emerged. Here are the highlights detail;

Samsung As we have mentioned before, it is developing a new generation mobile processor. Behind this processor AMD is also included. AMD focuses specifically on the GPU, the graphics side, in Samsung’s new processor.

It has been wondered for a long time, but has not yet been introduced in detail. RDNA 2 based mobile processor, is now on the agenda once again. Today Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus on Geekbench Exynos 2200, from a single core here 1,073 points, if multi-core 3,389 points took.

Of course, these figures are seriously low when considering the competitors. However, it should be noted that this is the first test. It is stated that this result may have been taken while the power saving mode was on. Actual performance is expected to emerge soon and results are expected to be much higher.

Samsung Exynos 2200, As learned from the Geekbench result 2.59GHz running main core, 2.5GHz three high-performance cores running at 1.73GHz It combines four efficiency-oriented cores running at speed.

Here is exactly one according to old leaks ARM Cortex-X2, three pieces Cortex-A710 and four Cortex-A510 is coming together. Settled 5G The CPU basis of the processor with the modem will not be much different from its competitors, as you can see. But on the GPU side It could be AMD’s big breakthrough.

If the incoming information is correct, the processor A 6 core RDNA2 graphics unit and it has as much graphics power as Xbox One according to calculations on paper. This looks very, very ambitious indeed, but is not yet conclusively confirmed.


The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is not very curious in general

Because the company has clearly turned its priority to the Galaxy Z series smartphone models. However, leaks continue for phones. In fact, some camera details came last.

In the last camera-focused leak for the models, it was first noted that the 200-megapixel main camera was not included. There were many different leaks on this subject, but it has now become clear that the Galaxy S22 will not have a 200-megapixel main camera.

It’s been said that phones are the best. Galaxy S22 Ultra genius 108 megapixels It has the main camera. The phone, which also carries a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera in the multi-installation on the back, reportedly carries a 40-megapixel selfie camera.

By the way, as additional information Galaxy S22 Ultra The future of the model with the S Pen is also among the latest information. However, it is not expected to be integrated into the body.

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