First look at the new Paint coming with Windows 11 [Video]

New generation windows launched as Windows 11 Refreshing with Paint. So how does the new version look? Here is the answer;

All the details you need to know about from here you can reach Windows 11 It was brought up with a detail that got the last reaction. on Windows 10 default browser at the click of a button to change very easy. Yesterday, it turned out that this is not the case for Windows 11. was out.

What brought the new operating system to the agenda was the demonstration of the new Paint, which was specially updated for Windows 11 by Microsoft’s top name, Panos Panay. For the new version, Panay shared the following short video:

Paint doesn’t look much different than before, as you can see in the video above. The drawing application, which now has a dark interface mode, adapts to the new generation design language of Windows 11 and brings improvements to many pens.

Paint is mainly used for basic drawings and focuses on that. But creative people are also great in Paint. can create.


Does your system support Windows 11 operating system?

For next-gen Windows, Microsoft last month PC Health Check App updated software.

for free from here The software you can download looks at the system properties and directly tells you whether your computer is suitable for Windows 11.

If the result is negative, of course, an explanation is given as to why the system is not suitable for Windows 11.

Let us remind you again that upgrading to Windows 11 will be free. If you have a licensed Windows 10 operating system, you can upgrade in October. You will be able to switch for free.

Official trailer of Windows 11:

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