FromSoftware is developing a new Soulslike for PS5

A new rumor spreading around states that FromSoftware is developing a new Soulslike game for PlayStation 5.

In the past days, the rumor that Bethesda has established a new studio for remakes and remasters has spread and started to be talked about. Today, a social media user named @Shpeshal_Nick, who has previously leaked details about Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion without being officially announced, said: FromSoftwareHe states that ‘s has developed a new Soulslike game specifically for PlayStation 5 for Sony. The person who made the claim states that this Soulslike game in progress will not be Bloodborne 2, and says that the new PlayStation State of Play will be on August 19.

Rumor: FromSoftware is developing a new Soulslike for PS5

If the claim is true, FromSoftware’s intermittent partnership with Sony looks set to continue. FromSoftware, which holds the throne of Soulslike games, gained the appreciation of PlayStation users with Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne, which it developed specifically for PlayStation in recent years. According to the rumor, the company is developing a new Soulslike production exclusively for PlayStation 5.

While it is stated that this will be a new brand in the rumor that has spread today, it is stated that the next PlayStation State of Play will be made on August 19, 2021. It should be noted that all these claims are not based on any official statement and are purely rumors. Although no official date has been given for the new State of Play yet, we will see its reality together in the coming days. also to the source of the rumor You can access and browse here.

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