Gamedec review

We take a look at Gamedec, the cyberpunk detective adventure of the Anshar Studios team, and examine it in detail after its release.

New game from Anshar Studios GamedecAs of September 16, 2021; It was only released for PC via Steam, GOG, Humble Store, Epic Games Store and Geforce Now. The production, which is announced to be released for Nintendo Switch in the future, will also have Turkish language support thanks to the high demand of Turkish players. We take a look at Gamedec, an isometric cyberpunk-detective role-playing game, after its release and examine it in detail.

Gamedec review

detective’s way

Gamedec is a single-player cyberpunk isometric role-playing game. While we are in the role of a detective solving crimes in virtual worlds, we need to collect information from our witnesses and suspects; We also face the consequences of the choices we make in the game. The story side of the game is also very interesting and very reminiscent of movies set in such cyberpunk universes. Before I move on to my full review, I would like to briefly talk about the story without missing any surprises.

The production, which takes place in Warsaw of a future time period, is about a period when technology has really reached the ceiling level. With the technology we call ‘virtual reality’ turning into a frightening reality, new problems and new solutions await the world, which has gone out of control. In this world where people are directly involved in games, we take place as ‘Gamedec’, a game detective.

Experts in the problems that come with virtual worlds and these fake universes, Gamedecs are involved as private detectives who, for a fee, uncover secrets and solve problems. In the production we play as a Gamedec, we get into the dark cyberpunk atmosphere of the game and show our detective skills.

Gamedec review

game inside the game

Gamedec, which reminds me directly of the movie ‘Ready Player One’ from the moment I first discovered the game, has a really interesting subject. The fact that the virtual reality technology, which is still available today, has reached a truly frightening level and that we are the solution to the problems in these virtual worlds, was one of the most interesting elements in the game. Gamedec, which is a completely isometric and text-based game, has some annoying shortcomings – I will talk about it in a moment – but it partially succeeds in presenting the atmosphere it is trying to process to the player.

Gamedec, another game in the cyberpunk genre that we have started to see frequently recently, managed to make me feel the detective adventure I was looking for. Since the game is a text-based production, narration style and dialogue management are one of the most important elements. One of the biggest cons of the game I saw was that there was ‘almost’ no voiceover. Although we are used to reading the endless texts thrown in front of us in such productions and not hearing much voice acting, I think that some voiced dialogues interspersed add richness to the narrative of the game.

In Gamedec, the fact that the storytelling style I mentioned was not processed was one of the negative elements for me. It can be annoying that this element, which makes the player feel like they are in that atmosphere and to keep them in the game, is almost non-existent. If there were small voiceover elements placed at the right moments in the game; As an actor, I could adopt the voice of the character I was controlling and feel as if I was reading with my character’s voice, even in non-voiced dialogues.

Gamedec review

Although the game makes the player feel the lack of voice-over that I mentioned before, I can say that it is really successful in terms of dialogues. I think that the biggest problem of text-based productions is their potential to ‘bottle the player quickly’. Some of these productions may adopt stacking paragraphs of text at a time as a way of presenting the dialogues. If the production that handles the element I mentioned does not have a perfect story; it can really bore the player, and in this case, it leads to cooling off from the game.

The narrative style in Gamedec is to present even a long paragraph to the player in short short sentences. In addition, the game successfully makes you feel that you are a detective. The abundance of objects that we can interact with and the variety of options that take place in this interaction increases our desire for research in the game.

The visual side of the game is also quite strong. When the cyberpunk atmosphere it contains, combined with the graphics that look really nice, really beautiful worlds emerged. Gamedec, which allows us to travel to alternative virtual universes, allows us to enter the world of another game within a game. The different worlds and atmospheres it hosts play a very important role in the diversity side of the game.

Gamedec review

Problems with reality

I briefly mentioned the problems that can be experienced with the advancement of technology in the game. I would like to give a small example of one of these problems I encountered in the game. With the virtual reality reaching the highest level, people who start to enter the game directly can get stuck in the game due to various errors that we call ‘bug’ in the game. The production, in which we help people who are lost in the game and experience some unfortunate events (I don’t want to miss the surprise), and solve the secrets, is really interesting and on the one hand, it hosts a dark universe.

One of the most frightening factors is that games can come under the control of malicious people by using some of the vulnerabilities they contain. As a Gamedec, our duty is to enter and experience the problems experienced in these virtual worlds. The game, in which we meet people from different worlds we enter and continue our research in these virtual worlds, gives a very good sense of detectiveness offered by the universe.

Although Gamedec has plenty of “If you do this for me, I will give you this information”; it manages to make amends with the interesting universe on which it operates. In addition, thanks to the skill tree it contains, we can unlock new abilities and feel the development of our character through new dialogues. Although the game has added a character selection screen to ‘let’s put it’, I can say that it does not have many character customization options.

Gamedec review

Earlier in my review, I talked about the voiceover thing in detail. Although not as much as voice-overs, some things unfortunately also apply to music. The fact that the number of music in the game is quite low can be really annoying. The lack of music, which is cut from time to time and does not fill the place, becomes evident after a while and complicates the atmosphere that is tried to be animated with various sound effects. Although Gamedec is a beautiful production with its interesting universe and potential, unfortunately, it cannot fully use its potential.

In addition, there is a dialog problem that resides in the game. Translation errors and meaningless dialogue losses that you may encounter while playing the game can negatively affect your game experience. I hope that these problems, which I think will be fixed with the upcoming updates, will not be experienced in Turkish language support either.

Turkish players as a result of intense interest The Gamedec team, which has officially announced that it will bring Turkish language support, says that Turkish will be included in the game as soon as possible. Gamedec, which you can take a look at after Disco Elysium’s promise of Turkish language support, which has happened and which we won after bringing together almost all the players in the country, will soon have Turkish language support.

Gamedec review

Last word

Gamedec, which has an excellent potential with its interesting story and world, unfortunately cannot make the best use of this potential. The production, which stands out with its dialogue presentation and detective feeling, prevents the important success it can achieve with the problems it contains. Although Gamedec hosts some of the negativities that I have mentioned in detail, overall it is a nice and interesting one. detective adventure dead. With the arrival of Turkish language support, you can choose and set sail for a different adventure.

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