Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut review

In our Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut review content, we take a closer look at the Iki Island story and the overall dynamics of the game.

Ghost of Tsushima, one of the most successful productions of the past year, received praise for its theme and gameplay dynamics despite some shortcomings, and more importantly, it managed to get very good feedback from the players. The game, which was released more than a year ago, has also received various updates and different content such as the Legends mode during this time. We can say that the most anticipated update is our trip to the Two Islands. Here is our content Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut We will take a closer look at the version and the new expansion pack called Iki Island.

You can check out our Ghost of Tsushima review content for the main dynamics of the game.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut review

First of all, before going into details about the release, I would like to talk about Iki Island and of course the ongoing story of the game. Although there are different details, the most important point of the new version is of course the developments made in the name of the story. If you have finished the game or you have moved to the Toyama Region in the main story, you can reach the Iki Island story. But my advice to you here would be to finish the main game first and then set sail for this new adventure. Because in Iki Island, you encounter more difficult enemies and important details for the story.

The story begins when we find the hallucinating people in a village on Tsushima Island. We learn from them that the cause of these delusions is a new group called Kartal, which appeared on the island of Iki. While the events in Tsushima are already complicated, Jin, who wants these mind-blowing events not to spread to the island, sets out for the Two Islands to solve the case in his own center. At this point, I have to say that I especially liked the intro sequence. Especially if you finished the game when it was released last year, it feels very good to return to this adventure in the new region and you remember that you missed the game.

Of course, there are side quests, costume, bamboo or some dynamics that we will remember from the main game. This time, instead of loving foxes, we play tunes with our flute to animals such as cats, monkeys and deer that inhabit the island of Iki. Apart from this, some minor innovations have been added to the game, such as jump attack and new attack styles. The main story is about overthrowing the Eagle group and its leader that I mentioned earlier. Realizing that this story would be very similar to the Mongol raids, the production team added different dynamics to the story. Thanks to these dynamics, we have the chance to get to know the character more deeply, as we learn new details about Jin’s past.

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut review

The most important point I will criticize at this point is that the main storyline is too short for me. Okay, you enjoy the island of Iki with side stories and extra missions, but I would expect different missions in the main story section for such content. At this point, I have to say that when I finished the story part, I was surprised by “Oh, was that all?” Fortunately, the parts that make up the character depth are not limited to the main story missions. Even if you are bald, you may encounter some events that add color to the depth of your character, even when you talk to someone you meet on the road or on a task.

As in the main game, the biggest advantage of the Iki Island story lies in the graphics and atmosphere. It is an incredible pleasure to ride a horse in these vast plains, to climb to the top or to play the flute against the sunset. We have already mentioned how successful the art management of the game, especially the graphics, is in the review of the main game. Along with Iki Island, plus a few more points were written on all these facts.

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut review

Of course, with this version of the game, the complete upgrade to the PS5 version brings important changes. We have been praising Dualsense in every special game, but we have to count the pluses that this controller adds to the games. A very good job is always done with both haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Except for some mini-sequences, even using bow and arrow has become very enjoyable in the game. You feel that pressure and tension of the triggers incredibly.

On the feedback side, you encounter a vibration in every event you encounter. Vibration is finely tuned when wind blows, jumping from a high place, and swordfights. When a strong wind blows from the left, the Dualsense flickers slightly from left to right. Or when you love a cat, you feel its growl in your fingers. Moreover, when all these points I have mentioned are combined with 3D sound, a very good feedback has emerged. Sucker Punch has worked well with PS5 technologies, both visually and in terms of feedback. The game, which you can play in 4K in quality mode, runs 60 FPS in performance mode, and when you play like this, the game flows like butter, friends.

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut review

Fortunately, Sony has made a small innovation in transferring Save. Without downloading the old version, you can now get your recording files either to the cloud thanks to PS Plus or to the USB storage on your old console. It is a fact that a comfortable operation is needed for this system to be used in all games. For example, I had to go to the office, turn on the PS4 and get my files just to get my records. luckily i stored all the records while i was gone because i don’t want to tumble again in a possible game to come out in the future 🙂

As a result, Ghost of Tsushima is a production that we will play for a longer time with the upcoming updates, photo mode and Legends. If you have not stepped into this adventure before and you have a PS5, I can definitely say that I recommend Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut version. If you have already bought the game on PS4 before, you get all this content with an additional package fee to reach the Isle of Two expansion. Iki Island story It’s a bit short, but I can say that it offers a good opportunity to return to the game and breathe this atmosphere into your lungs.

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