Google gives usage advice to iPhone 13 owners

internet giant Google, Of course, he attaches great importance to the iPhone world. firm today iPhone 13 gave some usage advice to the owners.

Shortly before here publishes a page where you can reach Googlefocused on the use of its own services / applications with the newly released iPhone 13 series on this page. The focus of the page was directly on the widgets.

Highlighting the widgets in Google’s iOS apps and showing iPhone 13 owners how to use them, the internet giant advised people to customize their home screen.

As you can see below, Google, showing screens equipped with different widgets for different purposes, did not fail to say to make Chrome your built-in browser instead of Safari. This advice is given for Spotlight results.


While Google’s iPhone 13-based suggestions draw attention, Xiaomi is also preparing to bring iOS-like widget design.

New widgets that bring the iOS operating system to mind were recently unveiled in the latest MIUI China Beta ROM. Widgets that will come to everyone in the future will offer people new possibilities to customize their home screen.

As we said before, widget support in the Android operating system has, of course, been in place for many years. However, with iOS 14, Apple’s launch of the widget era was a new wake-up call for competitors. who don’t want to be left behind Xiaomi He took my name too.

Widgets added to the latest beta version of the MIUI interface are prepared in two different sizes, like the iOS side. These widgets, whose positions can be changed, need to be supported by application developers. For now, six different applications based in China support the new widget infrastructure. giving.

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