Google switches to continuous scrolling on mobile for search results

internet giant Googlegoing to an update on the search results page. Continuous scrolling on mobile for company search results passing.

First of all, in the new era that started in the USA with the mobile page and Google’s iOS and Android applications, search results are now on the basis of continuous scrolling it’s working. So now for more search results other than the first page “show moreThere is no need to press the “” option.

As you go down in the new era search results are loaded automatically and this saves a little time. Stating that people usually find what they are looking for at the top Google, however, he also states that many people do not open a website without visiting four pages.

With its new step, it makes it easier to navigate the search results. company that makes it smooth, this system is likely to be rolled out outside the US soon. will present. There is no clear explanation about this yet.


Google recently made a special announcement for the iOS side.

Google, design manager Jeff Verkoeyen According to a statement by iOS and iPadOS in applications UIKit will transform. So what good will that do?

Thanks to this transformation and new steps, the company’s applications will become more modern and special on the iOS side in the future. At the same time, apps will look and work like a built-in app with UIKit like never before.

Google previously kept iOS apps similar to the Android side in the Material design language focus. However, this had many negative consequences and users were not very satisfied with this situation.

In the new period, Google will build the foundation directly on Apple and Apple’s tools / design language, and it seems like it will please everyone. It is also reported that the company has recruited new personnel in this regard. The firm brings together the best of both parties, and the results are already intriguing.

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