Head of Blizzard’s HR department also left the firm

Jesse Meschuk also left Blizzard, where company employees reacted to allegations that he was hiding internal harassment.

The leaf fall continues at Blizzard. Another separation news came from Blizzard’s Human Resources department after it was announced that J. Allen Brack, the CEO of the company -not Activision, but Blizzard- had left the company.

An Activision-Blizzard spokesperson, after accusations of undercover employee harassment Jesse Meschuk’He also stated that he left the company. It was alleged that Meschuk made his position dysfunctional and covered all the bad things that happened within the firm.

Blizzard’s human resources department hid the facts

axiosBlizzard’s Human Resources department “protected” harassers – according to the testimonies of dozens of former and current employees. They did this by leaving the complaints reported to the department with impunity or by not reporting them anywhere.

A former Blizzard employee named Nicki Broderick had her phone taken from her after an argument with her manager and wouldn’t let her leave her desk. When the woman reported this situation to the human resources, she was told that it was not her superior’s fault. Broderick claims he was neither assigned to a different project nor promoted for 3 years after the incident.

Jesse Meschuk’s departure came after Activision-Blizzard CEO Boby Kotick stated that no discrimination, harassment or injustice will be allowed within the company and that employees involved in harassment will be punished.

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