HTC Vive Flow virtual reality headset with interesting design introduced

One of the biggest in virtual reality HTC, product line recently leaked HTC Vive Flow added the virtual reality headset model.

As we have said before, the virtual reality market does not make much noise anymore, but new products continue to emerge. Here is one of them HTC Vive Flow. The model is directly standard For those who don’t like VR headsets Appeals.

Yes, this is a strange term, but the model really focuses on those who do not like rough-hewn VR headsets. It is a light option of 189 grams that directly appeals to the end user. Vive Flowfocuses on personal enjoyment. Not needing a PC or phone to work, the title looks nice, especially for watching videos.

The model, which has two 1.6-inch 75 Hz screens, offers a viewing angle of 100 degrees, according to the description. contained in Qualcomm XR1 CPU cooling with fan Vive FlowIt has 64GB internal storage.

The virtual reality headset, which also serves for light gaming, can perform head tracking from inside to outside with the two cameras it carries. HTC Vive Flow It is also stated that the hand gesture detection feature will be offered to the model in the future.

The stand-alone model, which does not come with a controller, allows an Android smartphone to be turned into a controller instead. The model brings up to 5 hours of use with its external power unit.


HTC Vive Flow virtual reality headset managed to attract attention

The product, which will be put on the shelves for $ 499, is expected to be sold in Turkey in the future. However, there is no official statement about this yet. The price of the product in Turkey may exceed 6 thousand TL.

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