Hyundai Bayon price dropped 50 thousand TL after SCT regulation

Hyundai Bayon, one of the models produced in Turkey, gets its share from the SCT tax regulation with two different versions.

Bayon, which is the third model produced by Hyundai Assan after the i10 and i120, is among the names that have been positively affected by the SCT regulation announced today. The family, which is included in the announced range with two equipment levels, offers a discount of 50 thousand TL. For Hyundai Bayon, the atmospheric engine Elite equipment level, which has a label of 282.000 TL at pre-SCT prices, will find buyers at 235.266 TL.


Hyundai Bayon price list

Official sources The last list announced by the SCT after the SCT tax regulation is as follows;

1.4MPI Jump MT (Gasoline) – 201,900 TL
1.4MPI Style AT (Gasoline) – 223,400 TL
1.4MPI Style Design AT (Gasoline) – 225.400 TL
1.4MPI Elite AT (Gasoline) 235.266 TL – The price before the SCT regulation is 282.000 TL
1.0T Style DCT (Gasoline) 246,855 TL – Price before SCT regulation 296,000 TL
1.0T Elite DCT (Gasoline) – 259,355 TL

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