Instagram Account Deletion and Closing Link 2021


The Instagram shutdown link can be used to perform the Instagram account deletion process. For those who are wondering how to delete and close Instagram, step by step how to delete an Instagram account from a mobile phone and how it happens, can Instagram be deleted from the computer and completely and completely closed Instagram account without a password, all the information is given below.

Instagram Account Deletion Link

For permanent Instagram account deletion and closing, respectively;

1. There is no link in the application that allows to perform this action. First of all, you must log in to Instagram via the website or switch to the deletion page of your account via the Instagram deletion link above.

2. If your login information is not saved in your browser, you must first log in to your account and then you will be asked a question on why you want to delete your account on the screen that appears. After choosing your deletion option, you must click on the field that says permanently delete the account. At the end of this process, your account will be removed.

3. Instagram close link can be applied to all accounts (side, fake and real) and business profiles. If you wish, you can switch to a different account by clicking the username field in the upper right corner of the account. If you follow similar steps later, your account will be permanently deleted.


Closing your Instagram account will permanently delete the information, leaving your comments, videos, profile page and all data belonging to your account inaccessible. If you are committed to the shutdown process, you should decide whether you want to implement a temporary or permanent shutdown. If you prefer to take a break for a while, you can also temporarily close your Instagram account. However, if you want to delete your account, it is worth remembering that this process is irreversible. Deleted accounts are not reactivated. All details of how to delete Instagram account from phone (Android, iPhone, ie iOS) and computer are given above for you.

Can Instagram account be deleted and closed from the app?


Instagram account cannot be deleted or closed through the Instagram application. For this reason, you need to perform the above steps.

How to close and delete Instagram account without password?

It is not possible to close an Instagram account whose password you do not know. First you need to reset your account password and log in.

What is the difference between temporary Instagram account closure and permanent Instagram deletion?

When you temporarily close your Instagram account, your previous data (photos, likes, messages, etc.) will come back. However, this is not possible in the permanently and permanently deleted Instagram account.


Is Instagram fake account deletion different?

To delete fake accounts, simply follow the normal Instagram deletion process.

Instagram Temporary Shutdown Process

If you do not want to delete your Instagram account permanently, just take a break and stay away from social media for a while, the application has created an opportunity that will provide convenience for you. If you want to temporarily close your account, you will first be asked to log in to your account as usual. If you have successfully completed the login process, you should tap on the edit profile field in the upper right corner. This area can also be located directly in the visible area of ​​the profile page in some profiles.


If you lower the scroll bar, you will see the option to temporarily disable my account. You can switch to the relevant step by clicking or touching this area. Then on the screen “Why are you closing your account?” You will encounter the question. After clicking on the desired option from the relevant menu, you temporarily close your account. If you want to temporarily freeze and close your account, you can review our topic in the link below.

Instagram Account Deletion and Closing Link 2021 - How To Close Insta Temporarily And Permanently

Unlike the process of permanently closing the account, you may be asked to enter a password to continue with this step. In some accounts, a password may be requested while applying the permanent shutdown process. The password process is for your own safety. It secures your Instagram account so that an account saved in your browser is not closed permanently by a different computer user or is not in the hands of different people.


After completing the relevant procedures, you temporarily close your account. You can reopen your account and regain access to your photos, comments and profile information. In temporary accounts, you will not face a situation such as deleting the data of your profile. After logging into your account, your information will continue to be used from where you left off. However, since your account will lose its visibility in this process, your information will not be accessible by your friends and the notifications you will receive regarding your account will temporarily cease.

Withdrawing the Instagram Account Final Permanent and Temporary Closing Request

If you have accidentally deleted or closed your account, you should follow these steps;

  • Check your account; If you can’t see your page when you search for username, you can understand that your account has been deleted.
  • From the Instagram help center page, click on the manage your account area. The information on this page must be filled in completely. Information such as your identity card information, e-mail address, user name and country of residence are required to be completed. Complete the relevant fields and click the submit field.

After completing the relevant processes, you will be faced with the waiting process. In this process, some information may be requested by Instagram. Then, you should write the numeric e-mail from Instagram in capital letters on A4 paper, take a photo and send it as a reply to the e-mail sent to you. If there is no problem, your account can be published for re-use.

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