Internet disaster may be on the way

According to the latest scientific research, the approaching Solar Storm may catch the world off guard and cause an internet disaster that will last for months.

A new study published by the University of California scientific articleAccording to him, we may be on the verge of an internet disaster as humanity. According to experts, the approaching solar storm could damage the underwater cables that provide worldwide internet connection, leading to a period of worldwide -and months-long internet absence.

While this is news that our parents might enjoy, a worldwide internet outage could seriously disrupt life.

Internet disaster could take months

It is stated that a huge solar storm will cause an internet outage that will shake the world financially. Internet connection is a highly sensitive system that is ready to be interrupted at any time as a result of natural disasters or cyber attacks. It is stated that the Solar Storm, if strong enough, can cross the earth’s magnetic field and disrupt the huge cables under the sea.

As one of the extreme disasters that can be caused by connection interruptions as a result of cable disruption, the possibility of satellites around the world going offline and falling to the earth is mentioned. Damage to the aforementioned cables may not affect the regional internet connection, but may interrupt the connection at the national level.

However, the article also states that “The probability of experiencing extreme weather events that can affect the world every 10 years in space is between 1.6 percent and 12 percent.” In other words, the probability of such an event occurring is low, but the main danger pointed out by the article may be that our civilization is unprepared – very unprepared for such an event. Just like at the beginning of this pandemic.

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