It became clear why the new PlayStation 5 version is lighter

The lighter new PlayStation 5 The question for the version has finally been answered.

PlayStation 5 The new version prepared for Australia was available for sale. So what was the difference in this version?

The lighter version, up to 300 grams, came with a screw for the stand unit holding the PS5, which didn’t need a screwdriver. Of course, this screw change was not behind the model being 300 grams lighter.

Sources or those accessing the console were unable to identify where this difference came from at first. Now the answer to this question is obvious. it happened. According to hardware review The heatsink in the new version is significantly smaller than the first version.

The shrinking of the block has a negative effect of course, and the new version reportedly runs a little hotter, although it reduces the cost. This situation is definitely not expected to cause a major performance problem.

In addition to shrinking the heatsink, it also slightly changed the fan structure, and the new version uses a fan with longer and curved blades. Sony, has not yet made a detailed statement about the new PS5 version and these changes.

Old heatsink on the left, new version on the right


PlayStation 5 for the latest Game Boost feature made a sound

Xbox Series X and Series S A nice feature that made a lot of noise was introduced for the past few months. This feature FPS Boost It had the name and doubled the frame rates of supported games.

Here, some games that worked at 30 fps before were 60 fps, some games that worked at 60 fps went up to 120 fps. Later on Sony did not remain indifferent to this, and in the past months PlayStation 5 for Game Boost made the announcement. Comes with a custom logo Game Boost, It increases the frame rate of certain games.

Here, of course, the focus is on PS4 games. Certain previously released PS4 games, Game Boost system becomes faster / fluent on PS5. It will combine the new architecture and power of PS5 with the games of PS4. Game Boost, will be actively available for many games. Game Boost infrastructure for sure God of War, Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone Coming for.

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